​Overcomplicated webs are doomed.

I can save them.

Have you ever thought about simplifying and speeding up your site?

I am completely rebuilding sites from the bottom. Deleting everything unnecessary and more. I'll show you how to do better. I'll design guidelines that, if you stick to them, will make your presentation stay technically relevant for years. I can find order in chaos. And that's what I do.

Just ask me for advice

(+420) 732 125 927 jan@sablatura.info

Preferring voice calls for quick communication. I'm on Skype and Facebook. Usually answering immediately.

Jan Šablatura foto

My name is Jan Šablatura

I have been working in the field since 2005. I started my own business in 2012. I have hundreds of projects behind me.

I believe in the technology of tomorrow.

I love new but helpful technologies and I don't like ones which slow down evolution. The visitor came to that site for something. He wants to find it fast and understand it even faster. At best.

As simple as possible. That's my way.

I love purity and harmony of elements. There's nothing more beautiful than a simple page that goes to the point and brings a tremendous value to each visitor.