Individual hour packages

The offer is valid till the end of month.

Without package.

20 USD / hour

30 hours package.

19 % discount
16,2 USD / hour

486 USD

50 hours package.

35 % discount
13 USD / hour

650 USD


What are the advantages of hour packages?

The classic method of revaluation is quite inaccurate, and sometimes it may be pricey unfair to one side or another. The hourly rate makes me use my time and your resources to the maximum. The problem with the hourly rate is that the customer is often losing sight of and not controling what and how long it will take.

Packaged time solves both problems. It's cost-effective. Uses time to maximum. And it gives you an absolute overview of the situation. You always know in which phase project is in. Upon completion of a milestone or 80% depletion, you will be informed when the depletion will occur and what will be done in the remaining time.

At the same time, if the entire package is not depleted, you have the priority right to request my time from all the clients who have ordered my services before you. Usually, however, unsued package time is used for creative things or to improve existing sites. Win-win situations for both.

How do I order it?

Please contact me with information about what package you have chosen, I will generate an invoice with a specific symbol, your identifier.